BROADScast Episode 4: Building Rapport: A Chronology of Women Rappers, Part II

Welcome to the fourth episode of BROADScast, Broad Recognition‘s new radio show. Tune in to WYBCx Yale Radio on Mondays from 4p–5p EST throughout the spring semester for our live broadcast, and stay tuned for a podcast of the current episode to be posted right to this page. We will be bringing feminist music theory, politics, and cultural commentary into the radio world. Our show is genre-bridging, consisting of a mixture of public affairs talk and music; we bring in guests from the magazine and other spheres of campus life to discuss pressing issues. There is humor, biting wit, twitter beefs, and original written work. 

Listen to this week’s full episode in two segments here: Part II.1 and Part II.2See previous episodes here.

This episode is the second of a two-part chronology in which we pay tribute to rappers past and present. This week we bring it contemporary, first praising our queens Nicki and Bey. We branch out to humans Angel Haze, Awkwafina, Nitty Scott, MC, and Nyemiah Supreme. Life’s not always peachy for rappers who are not men, starting with pressure to be constantly strong. Competition around who is “the best rapper” gets blown up in media in particular gendered ways to become “cat fights.” Despite these obstacles, however, these rappers rule.

BROADScast is managed and edited by Margaret Lee, and includes commentary from Fiona Lowenstein, Editor-in-Chief; Kathy Amiliategui, Zine Editor; Layla Treuhaft-Ali, Arts Editor; and A. Grace Steig, former Managing Editor.

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